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The Last Flight of Captain Nimbus is a short prototype about dodging bullets and dashing through enemies!

Soaring high above the British coastline in 1931, an ace pilot breaks through the clouds to find himself face-to-face with an impossible superstructure suspended amidst the heavens. Forced into a crash landing, he is thrown from the wreckage of his aircraft as time magically slows and he instinctively propels himself to safety. With his newfound dashing ability, he will have to navigate the hidden world and disable the protective Caretakers if he hopes to return to the world below.


W A S D - Run

Spacebar - Plan/Dash

Left-click - Place Destination

Right-click - Remove Destination

The player starts with three dash charges which enable them to enter planning mode and place or remove destinations. Exiting planning mode triggers a sequence of dashes and depletes that many charges which recharge over time. In order to progress, the player must dash through weaker enemies or push stronger enemies off the level to proceed to the next area. 

Learn each enemy's behaviour and experiment with distance to survive!

Developed by Glitterbeard for JAMfuser 2021

Art + Code by JimmyMac

Design + Code by T.Godden

Special Thanks

Rui Pestana

Additional Assets and Tools

Ambient Instrumental Music by Pointful

Casual Game SFX Pack by Dustyroom

Dreamteck Splines by Dreamteck

Free Sound Effects Pack by Olivier Girardot

Retro Sci-Fi Pack by Cabled_Mess

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsGlitterbeard, PlasticFrames, JimmyMac_Creates
Tags3D, Bullet Hell, dash, Isometric, tranzfuser


TLFoCN.zip 72 MB